Questionnaire Q’s Answered


About Megan & Brian

How did you meet and how long have you been together?

Funny story (and I’ll try to make it short! maybe I’ll write a blog post about our How We Met story soon!) but we “unofficially” met in the drive thru of McDonald’s. (lol) I was working my first ever job and I was in the window serving this REALLY cute guy (Brian) but because I am such a shy person when it comes to that stuff, I never said hello or anything. A few days go by and LOTS of visits from this said cute guy, I started to build a HUGE crush on him but still never said anything. One day that Brian was at the window, a “local kid” that I knew came walking up to the window IN BETWEEN Brian’s car and the window and started talking to me! While this was happening I was so embarrassed and was just trying to focus on the cute guy in the car! I later messaged the “local kid” on Facebook and asked if he knew who that was in the car when he was being weird standing at the drive thru window the other day. He said “oh yeah! That was Brian Goggins!” * yesssss, name identified! * Then I built up the courage and messaged Brian on Facebook and the first thing he said was “are you the girl from McDonald’s?” * palm to forehead * “Yes I ammmm!” And magic happened from there. Seven years later I married the cute guy from the McDonald’s drive thru! VICTORY!

Where was your first date? What did you do?

Our first date sounds super elementary school, but after days of talking over Facebook and text messages, we finally officially met in person in the drive way of his parents house. We then walked a few blocks down the street to a park (that we now call “our park”) and literally sat on the swings for HOURS just talking and getting to know each other. When I say hours, I mean we got to the park when the sun was high in the sky and by the time we got back to his house it was pitch black outside. (We also ran home in the pouring ran which made it a somewhat romantic moment haha!) I always remember that feeling of how easy it was to talk to him, and how normal it felt! I knew he was different, and possibly “the one”! And in fact, he was! :)

Here’s the big question! How and when did he propose?

It was 2016 on Christmas Eve morning in our townhouse that we owned. (This was our 3rd place living together, actually) It was maybe 8am and he came in our bedroom to wake me up for the day. We were talking about how excited we were that it was Christmas Eve and we couldn’t wait to go back to our home town and see our families that day! Then… he plopped a little white box on my chest as I was still laying down and said “the pup wants to know if you will marry me?”


It was the best Christmas Eve ever. He did the proposal in the comfort and intimate setting of our own home, in our bed, and later got to celebrate with all of our family!! It was the absolute best!

What are your favorite things to do together as a couple?

We LOVE our wiener dog/lab mix pup Zoey! We like taking her to forest preserves and go on walks around our neighborhood with her! We both share a deep love for coffee and will stop to make a pot at any point in the day. (Which probably isn’t a good thing haha) He will come home from work at 5pm, look at me in my office and say one word - “coffee?” and both our faces light up. It’s pretty funny. We are big outdoors people and will go on any type of adventure together to explore new experiences! Our next hobby we want to do more of this summer is kayaking!

Any funny stories about yourselves?

Well, the first time that I met his Dad and sister , and the first time my parents met his Dad was at a car accident scene! On the SECOND day that we ever hung out together! * whoops , not our fault btw * He was dropping me off after a day of hiking at a forest preserve so I could go to work and someone pulled out in front of us by not stopping all the way at a stop sign and, Brian being a “cool guy and showing off” was going close to 60mph! We were all fine and walked away from it, thank goodness! But I will never forget the way he pulled me in and gave me the biggest hug after we got out of the car to make sure we were okay.

Our Wedding Day

Here is the blog post from our wedding day on October 5, 2017!


About Megan

Tell me about your day to day life. (What do you do for work? Are you in school? How do you spend your evenings and weekends?)

Well, I have a full time wedding photography business that I love with all my heart! I did not go to college after high school and am self taught. Weekday evenings you can find me snuggled up with Zoey and Brian finding something fun to watch on Netflix, reading a book about self care or running a business, or organizing something in our house. Brian has weekends off so if I’m not at an engagement session or shooting a wedding, we are probably doing work around the house, catching up with friends or family, or going on a small adventure somewhere!

When is your birthday?

February 27th!

What do you like to do with your friends?

I love a good “chill hangout day” with some coffee/wine, a cheeseboard out with snacks and catching up at someones house. We will go out to bars occasionally (I always suggest ones that have loud music and dancing! haha) or we will catch a movie or go shopping!

What are you passionate about? What gets you fired up?

I love documenting and capturing little slices of life, big and small moments. I want to have photographs and journal entries that showcase and explain the story of my life. (and other peoples’ lives!) I love celebrating EVERYTHING! I also really love hosting gatherings in our home!

Favorite Things

Favorite Drink: If it’s at a bar, a Tequila Sunrise! (I secretly love tequila haha) Normal drinks, Sprite or brewed coffee with vanilla creamer

Favorite Candy: All gummy and fruity things! The #1 favorite changes a lot between Mike & Ikes, Skittles (the purple bag that’s berry flavors), DOTS, Albanese brand of gummy bears, or Sugar Lips from Sugarfina

Favorite Type of Music: Anything that makes you get up and DANCE! Pop, hip hop, country and girly jams! Forever by Chris Brown has always been my favorite song with The Middle by Zedd and Maren Morris being a very close contender!

Favorite Color: Anything mint or “Robbin’s Egg” blueish/green

Favorite Restaurant: Definitely, Olive Garden!

Starbucks Order: White Chocolate Mocha with 1 pump of vanilla, kids temperature and with whole milk! (I used to be a manager at Starbucks for a few years and I learned my favorite drink down to the T)

Favorite Movie: The Notebook or Footloose (the newer one with Julianne Hough

Favorite Places to Shop: Altar'd State , Dry Goods or Target for clothes, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and Michael’s

City or Country?: I love both, but I am a country girl at heart

Favorite Thing To Do In Your Fav Season: I LOVE FALL! Going to pumpkin patches, apple orchards, going for walks around neighborhoods with a warm sweater looking at the leaves falling and changing colors. And decorating for fall!