For the classy bride who isn't afraid to throw confetti all over the place! Whether you're here because you are engaged to your best friend, or you like looking at pretty wedding photos, you are in the right place, friend! Being engaged was one of the most exciting and exhilarating times of my life so I know exactly how you are feeling! You have a shiny new ring on your left hand, everyone is asking about the date and the details, and you find yourself smiling ALL the time! That's GOOD! That is how it's supposed to feel and I want to be a part of your celebration! My goal as your wedding photographer is not to just fill another spot on your vendor list, I want to be like one of your good friends on that day and through out your planning journey! I want to hear all about the small details you've been dreaming about, how your most anticipated moment of the day is when you finally get to see your groom suited up, and everything in between! I will help with you anything and everything you may need along the way! Feel free to explore this page and learn what the experience is all about! Congratulations, girly! 

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